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Briefings and guidance

This section contains a collection of briefings, guidance and publications on topics affecting the voluntary and community sector.

Briefing: The case for statutory sector support for local Compacts

statutory guidance image

This guidance addresses some previously given reasons that statutory bodies have given when they have been reluctant to sign up and give their full support to their local Compact.

It aims to challenge inaccuracies and misconceptions, and also gathers together background information about the Compact.

It also provides several examples of where the Compact has had a positive impact on local partnerships.

Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting

Image of the Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting document.

Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting provides a benchmark of the minimum expected in order for engagement on consultations to be considered meaningful, in particular when the public body is unavoidably restricted to less than a twelve week consultation period. If this happens a clear explanation as to why this is needed should also be provided.

The Compact & You: A Guide for the Black & Minority Ethnic Voluntary Sector

the Compact & You

Voice4Change England, a member of Compact Voice's board, have produced this guide, which aims to support BME Voluntary and Community Organisations to implement and understand the Compact.

Briefing: Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman

PHSO Briefing

Compact Voice has produced a briefing for voluntary and community organisations about the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO). The briefing outlines the sorts of complaints the PHSO can and cannot help with, how to access their services and the implications for voluntary and community organisations and Compact groups.

Guidance for Local (Parish and Town) Councils on the Compact

Compact Voice and NALC

This guidance document, jointly developed by Compact Voice and the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), is designed to provide information about the purpose and benefits of local Compacts to local (town and parish) councils. 

Published in January 2012.

Local Government Ombudsman - Compact briefing

LGO briefing

This briefing, produced by the LGO, is aimed at voluntary and community organisations who are having difficulties with the implementation of a Compact agreement with a council and may be considering making a complaint to the Ombudsman.

The Compact Accountability & Transparency Guide

Cover of accountability and transparency guide

Published by the Office for Civil Society to accompany the Compact, this guide provides information about how to challenge bad practice at both local and national level, and who to contact if partnership working breaks down.

Compact Advocacy Case Study: Challenging a county council funding decision

image of legal books

This case study from NCVO's Compact Advocacy programme explains how the Cumbria Travellers Programme sought support from Compact Advocacy to challenge how a county council funding decision was taken.

Annual Local Compact Survey 2011: Results

local compact survey 2011 - cover image

This report is an overview of the results of our survey into the state of local Compacts in England. It includes a summary of findings as well as a regional breakdown which draws on responses received from our Freedom of Information Act requests.

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