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Briefings and guidance

This section contains a collection of briefings, guidance and publications on topics affecting the voluntary and community sector.

Briefing: The Lobbying Bill - Overview, practical impact of the Bill and how it relates to the Compact

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This short briefing provides an overview of The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill (often referred to as the Lobbying Bill).

Understanding Commissioning and Procurement: A Guide for Local Compacts


Equally relevant to voluntary sector organisations and Compact partnerships, this detailed guide includes guidance on what the commissioning cycle looks like, how and when Compact groups and voluntary organisations can engage with commissioners and what the challenges are.

It also includes a practical action list for Compact groups (or any voluntary organisations seeking to work with commissioners), and a glossary of terms.

Annual Local Compact Survey 2013: Results

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This report analyses the results of our third annual survey of local Compacts. The survey was sent to every local Compact area in England, and over 85% of these areas provided information about how their local partnership agreement was working.

The report contains detailed analysis of the results, alongside information broken down by region.
The survey also asked respondents (of which there were 327) about the impact of central government policies on the local voluntary and community sector.

The North East Compact Network: Coming together to work better in partnership

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The North East Compact Network was established by Compact Voice in 2012, to allow representatives from various local Compacts across the region to meet and learn from each other’s experiences.

This document is a compilation of some of the Compact and partnership working activities happening across the region, and provides a brief overview of the state of Compact working in the different areas across it. It is designed to encourage good practice by showcasing some of the excellent work being done in the North East, and the benefits this has brought to different organisations in both sectors.

Briefing: Guidance on maintaining the independence of local Healthwatch


Compact Voice, Healthwatch England and Regional Voices have published guidance on how local Healthwatch can maintain independence despite being directly funded by local authorities.

The guidance stresses the importance of independence and local Healthwatch maintaining a 'critical friend' approach with funders, and provides an overview of the tools available to ensure independence is upheld.

Local Compacts: A User Guide

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This User Guide, provides a comprehensive overview of local Compacts, covering areas such as communicating to different partners, monitoring and evaluation and renewing your Compact.

About the Compact: Template for Compact web pages and sample copy

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We often hear from local areas that the information online about their local Compact is out of date, and that it is time-consuming to update it.

As a result, we have put together some sample website text that you can copy and paste.

Compact Peer Review Toolkit

compact toolkit

The Compact Peer Review Tool was designed to enable peer review of local Compact operations according to commonly agreed procedures, questions and values.

The tool aims to make Compact stronger and more effective in your region, thus creating a fairer and more productive relationship between statutory and voluntary and community sectors to the benefit of people and the environment in the region.

Compact Voice Impact Report 2012

Impact Report 2012 cover

Published by Compact Voice in early 2013, the Impact Report highlights the key activities and achievements delivered by the Compact Voice team during the year.

Response: Compact Voice on CLG consultation into data transparency

CLG consultation document

Compact Voice have responded to the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) consultation into 'Improving local government transparency'.

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