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Talking vs litigation - Compact brokerage predicted to save £500,000 public funds: Guest Blog from Mark Hubbard, Voscur

In this guest blog, Mark Hubbard, Compact Liaison Officer at Voscur, talks about how Bristol’s local Compact and the relationships that have developed as a result of it enabled a dispute between Bristol City Council and a local voluntary organisation to be resolved out of court, avoiding substantial legal costs and damage to cross-sector relationships.

Briefing: Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman

PHSO Briefing

Compact Voice has produced a briefing for voluntary and community organisations about the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO). The briefing outlines the sorts of complaints the PHSO can and cannot help with, how to access their services and the implications for voluntary and community organisations and Compact groups.

Local Government Ombudsman - Compact briefing

LGO briefing

This briefing, produced by the LGO, is aimed at voluntary and community organisations who are having difficulties with the implementation of a Compact agreement with a council and may be considering making a complaint to the Ombudsman.

Hertfordshire: Surviving a Compact stress-test

Image of a tree

The relationship between the voluntary and community sector in Hertfordshire has come under considerable strain since Hertfordshire County Council reviewed its funding of the voluntary and community sector following the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR 2010). 

Compact Advocacy case study: Reaching an understanding despite funding cuts

image of people shaking hands

This Compact Advocacy case study explores how the voluntary organisation Joined-Up Holidays managed to reach an understanding with their funder, despite unexpected funding cuts.

Compact Advocacy Case Study: Challenging a county council funding decision

image of legal books

This case study from NCVO's Compact Advocacy programme explains how the Cumbria Travellers Programme sought support from Compact Advocacy to challenge how a county council funding decision was taken.

The Compact: Sharpening its teeth?

Daniel Fluskey has spotted recent evidence to suggest that the Compact is gaining currency in the courts and strengthening the hand of claimants against unfair decisions made by public bodies.

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