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Working together to make Cheshire safer: Guest Blog from John Dwyer, Cheshire PCC

In this guest blog, John Dwyer, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire and winner of the 2015 Compact Leadership Award, talks about the crucial role the local voluntary and community sector plays in helping to make Cheshire safer, and how he has worked in partnership with them to achieve this shared vision.

Recognition is truly amazing: Guest Blog from Sussex Youth Commission, Compact Engagement Award winners 2015

In this guest blog, two members of the Sussex Youth Commission, winners of the Compact Engagement Award at the 2015 Compact Awards, talk about their experiences of partnership working and what it means to be recognised with an Award.

Practical guide to engaging with Police and Crime Commissioners

This guide for voluntary organisations provides practical steps to follow to develop relationships with Police and Crime Commissioners.
Produced in partnership with Clinks, the information in this guide is based on the experiences of a range of organisations who have established strong links with Police and Crime Commissioners. 

Developing cross-sector partnerships with Police and Crime Commissioners

Voluntary Action Leeds worked with the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in an innovative way following the first PCC elections in 2012.

Briefing: The Compact and Police and Crime Commissioners

Guidance for pcc - image

This guidance makes the case for why Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) should engage with their local Compact.

It includes information about what local Compacts are and how they can help with areas like improving outcomes of local services and managing risk. It also includes a case study exploring how local Compact partners in Gloucestershire have engaged with their PCC.

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