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Talking vs litigation - Compact brokerage predicted to save £500,000 public funds: Guest Blog from Mark Hubbard, Voscur

In this guest blog, Mark Hubbard, Compact Liaison Officer at Voscur, talks about how Bristol’s local Compact and the relationships that have developed as a result of it enabled a dispute between Bristol City Council and a local voluntary organisation to be resolved out of court, avoiding substantial legal costs and damage to cross-sector relationships.

Creating a space for cross-sector dialogue in Warrington

Warrington Voluntary Action

In seeking to improve their relationship with the local voluntary sector, Warrington Borough Council created the new post of Third Sector Partnership Development Officer (TSPDO). The new role, managed jointly by the council and Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA), coordinates a Third Sector Network Hub, which hosts meetings of strategic importance to cross-sector relationships and ensures a positive dialogue is maintained between the council and the voluntary sector. These innovations have led to improved practices in how the council works with the voluntary sector, and a refreshed local Compact.

Presentations on the Compact and partnership working

This section includes several presentations to accompany various themes covered by our Partnership Working Tookit which contains an array of practical, straightforward information covering everything you need to know about local cross-sector partnerships and how to make them thrive.

Redbridge: Working in partnership to support BME families struggling with dementia

redbridge 1000 minds

RedbridgeCVS worked in partnership with Redbridge Council and local community and faith groups to deliver a dementia awareness programme to over 1,000 individuals - increasing their awareness of the support available.

Redbridge: Supporting the community with a holistic, multi-agency partnership

Nick Hurd at Compact Awards

Redbridge First Response Service (ReFRS) is a unique, innovative, multi-agency partnership model in Redbridge. ReFRS ensures that health and social care services are provided to local people in a holistic and coordinated way, and was set up following a consultation process and with ongoing engagement with partners and service users.

Thurrock: revitalising their local Compact ten years on

image of thurrock

Thurrock’s Compact has provided a useful framework for developing positive relationships between sectors for a number of years. Partners in Thurrock decided to refresh their Compact in 2012, after a period where it had ‘fallen off the agenda’ for a number of months.

The process of renewing the local Compact helped prevent significant funding cuts and laid the foundation for stronger relationships between the sectors.

Sutton: Working in partnership to ensure local needs are met


Partners in the London Borough of Sutton recently refreshed the contents of their local Compact.

The process resulted in the development of a number of projects, which will benefit both the public sector and voluntary sector, and how they work together - as well as having a positive impact on the local community. 

Huntingdonshire: Creating a Compact to meet local need

huntingdonshire image

This case study examines the process of establishing a new local Compact.

Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations, Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) and Compact Voice worked together to develop a local Compact for Huntingdonshire. Partners in the area wanted to create a local Compact that would be inclusive of local Town and Parish Councils and small voluntary and community groups in the area.


Navigating through the East, the South East and local Compacts

I joined Compact Voice six months ago as an Engagement Development Officer covering the South East and East of England. 

I felt it was an auspicious year to arrive, as we’re celebrating 15 years of the Compact in 2013. I started my career as a project officer taking minutes at a local Compact development group back in the early 2000’s - and like the Compact, I’ve grown and changed a bit since then too.

The North East Compact Network: Coming together to work better in partnership

people at a meeting

The North East Compact Network was established by Compact Voice in 2012, to allow representatives from various local Compacts across the region to meet and learn from each other’s experiences.

This document is a compilation of some of the Compact and partnership working activities happening across the region, and provides a brief overview of the state of Compact working in the different areas across it. It is designed to encourage good practice by showcasing some of the excellent work being done in the North East, and the benefits this has brought to different organisations in both sectors.

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