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Transforming mental health services in Leeds through partnership working

Leeds’ Rehabilitation and Recovery (R&R) mental health service has been designed and delivered through a partnership between Leeds’ NHS Mental Health Trust (LYPFT) and three voluntary sector mental health organisations. Service users work with mental health professionals employed by the partner organisations, moving from stepped intensity residential care to rehabilitation in the community, with support provided for up to 6 months. The service has made a positive impact on the rehabilitation of service users and the length of stay in residential care.

Redbridge: Bringing fitness classes to community groups

Fit for Fun

Fit for Fun delivers free exercise classes to community groups and allows them to choose their own activities, venues and times. Originally conceived in partnership by Redbridge Primary Care Trust (PCT) and RedbridgeCVS, the project is now funded by Redbridge Council’s Public Health department. RedbridgeCVS uses its links with the community to identify participant groups which has now reached over 3,000 individuals. Redbridge Council helps RedbridgeCVS to train participants to become trainers themselves and funds RedbridgeCVS’ access to Grants Online which has been instrumental in ensuring that over 90% of the sessions continue once funding ceases. 

Practical guide to engaging with health and wellbeing boards


This guide for voluntary organisations provides practical steps to follow to develop relationships with Health and Wellbeing Boards.

Produced in partnership with Regional Voices, the information in the guide is based on the experiences of a range of organisations who have established strong links with Health and Wellbeing Boards in their areas. 

Practical guide to engaging with clinical commissioning groups

engaging with ccgs

This guide for voluntary organisations provides practical steps to follow to develop relationships with Clinical Commissioning Groups. 

Produced in partnership with Regional Voices, the information in the guide is based on the experiences of a range of organisations who have established strong links with Clinical Commissioning Groups in their areas. It highlights a number of steps organisations can follow if they wish to build better links themselves. 

Portsmouth: building strong health partnerships using the Compact

image of Portsmouth
Partners from different sectors in Portsmouth decided to reinvigorate their Compact agreement. They used the process of renewing it as an opportunity to assess how partnerships were working locally, and to lay the foundations for future conversations about commissioning and the voluntary and community sector.

How we got where we are: guest blog from Redbridge local Compact

Compact Voice has recently been supporting One East MidlandsWellbeing East and the Involvement Network with some workshops they were running in Bedford and Nottingham.
These events focused on helping encourage good partnership working between health bodies and the voluntary sector, and illustrating how local Compacts can be used as a tool for supporting these partnerships.
Ross Diamond, Chief Officer of RedbridgeCVS, came along to the Bedford event with us on 21 January. Ross shared his experiences of how the Compact had helped to form a foundation for strong partnerships with health bodies locally, and this guest blog provides a short overview of what he covered.

Health check: why our sector matters for health and wellbeing

Last month saw the launch of a major joint review into the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing. The review will consider whether partnerships between government and the sector are operating in the most effective way possible and how they might work better in future.

Southwark Commission gives early action approaches a boost

A couple of months ago, Southwark launched its independent Early Action Commission. The benefits of “early action” – shorthand for the idea that helping people to manage health and wellbeing issues is better than managing a crisis later on – are widely accepted. Yet until now, translating this into concrete action has not been straightforward.

In this blog post, we look at why early action matters so much, what is happening in Southwark and what the future holds for early action approaches.

Redbridge: Working in partnership to support BME families struggling with dementia

redbridge 1000 minds

RedbridgeCVS worked in partnership with Redbridge Council and local community and faith groups to deliver a dementia awareness programme to over 1,000 individuals - increasing their awareness of the support available.

Briefing: The Compact and Clinical Commissioning Groups

health image

This short briefing provides a quick overview of what the Compact is, what local Compacts are and why Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) should engage with their local Compact.

CCGs using their local Compact sends a strong message they they are willing to strengthen relationships with local voluntary organisations - among other benefits.

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