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Health check: why our sector matters for health and wellbeing

Last month saw the launch of a major joint review into the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing. The review will consider whether partnerships between government and the sector are operating in the most effective way possible and how they might work better in future.

Judicial review: Briefing for local Compacts and voluntary organisations

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This briefing note explains what judicial review is (and what it isn’t), how it works in practice and the main issues that voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations need to consider. 

Understanding how local authorities work with the voluntary and community sector

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Compact Voice spend and engagement research 2013/14

In October 2013, Compact Voice developed a research project to examine how local authorities were spending on, and engaging with, their local voluntary and community sector. This briefing provides a short overview of the responses we received.

Latest on our spend and engagement research

Back in October 2013, Compact Voice initiated a piece of research into how local authorities engage with the voluntary sector, and how much they spend on it. 

This blog provides a bit of background as to why we undertook the research and where our findings are leading us. 

Understanding Commissioning and Procurement: A Guide for Local Compacts


Equally relevant to voluntary sector organisations and Compact partnerships, this detailed guide includes guidance on what the commissioning cycle looks like, how and when Compact groups and voluntary organisations can engage with commissioners and what the challenges are.

It also includes a practical action list for Compact groups (or any voluntary organisations seeking to work with commissioners), and a glossary of terms.

Sunderland: Encouraging partnership working in funding applications

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The Sunderland External Funding Working Group is a sub-group of the local Compact Implementation Group.

The External Funding Working Group seeks to ensure that the City of Sunderland and its communities benefit from external funding opportunities by working collectively and collaboratively.

Local Compacts: A User Guide

cover of local compacts user guide

This User Guide, provides a comprehensive overview of local Compacts, covering areas such as communicating to different partners, monitoring and evaluation and renewing your Compact.

Cumbria: Using the Compact when negotiating contracts

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AWAZ Cumbria is a support organisation for people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. AWAZ aims to empower the voice of BME people and communities through influencing strategy, policy and service delivery.

They recently used Compact principles to successfully negotiate the renewal of their Cumbria Equality Consortium Agreement following the loss of some of its funding.

South Lakeland: Transferring Assets to Town & Parish Councils

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South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) wanted to look for alternative ways to provide public toilets across the region, as part of a drive to improve their provision and reduce costs. The consultation process undertaken by the council ensured that they engaged meaningfully with other sectors and private businesses in an effort to improve the service they were providing.

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