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Compact Voice launches survey into local Compacts across England

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*Please note that the survey is now complete, and you can read the results here

Comparing local Compacts in Humber to drive improvements

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We have published a new example of Compact at Work, this time exploring how partners in the Humber sub-region came together to compare and learn from each other's local Compacts.

Free events focus on partnerships in challenging times

Free events focus on partnerships in challenging times

Making Sense: A practical discussion to improve the way government and the voluntary sector work together

Compact Voice is hosting free nationwide events designed to help local voluntary, community and public sector delegates navigate what’s happening at the intersection of government and the voluntary se

Empowering the Voluntary Sector master classes on again

The Empowering the Voluntary Sector programme is running its popular master classes for voluntary sector organisations in 2011. These events focus on managing a dispute, legitimate expectation, the Single Equality Act 2010 and challenging tendering decisions.

Islington Compact Awards celebrate partnership success

Islington Compact Awards 2010 winners

The second Islington Compact Awards were presented during Compact Week in 2010, at Islington Town Hall. The award ceremony on 4 November recognised outstanding examples of partnership work between community organisations and statutory partners, such as Islington Council, the NHS and the Police.

Reading ring-fences voluntary sector funding until 2012

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Following the examples of Thurrock and Merton, and echoing the

Why is Merton handling the budget cuts so well?

There's no one thing Merton has done which has enabled them to weather the financial storm so well so far. Rather, it's a long tradition of partnership working between the sector and local public bodies which means the natural reaction to difficulties is to work together on solutions. Mutual respect, trust and understanding of the value of each partner allows them to jointly thin

Thurrock: in difficult economic times, Compact delivers sound decisions

Local Compacts are sometimes drawn up by local authorities with the voluntary sector, but then left on the shelf. While developing local Compacts and corresponding implementation groups are both good starting points, what really matters is embedding a Compact way of working.

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