Report on annual survey of local Compacts published

Compact Voice is pleased to release the report on our latest annual survey of local Compacts.
A massive thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey. The information gathered provides a rare and valuable insight into the health of local partnerships and how key Government policies are affecting the voluntary sector across the country - this wouldn’t be possible without your help.
This year’s results paint a cautiously optimistic picture for local partnership working. They show that the Compact continues to be a valuable mechanism for cross-sector engagement, especially with the new commissioning bodies that have emerged in recent years. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) are increasingly likely to sign up to local Compacts, while CCGs in particular enjoy a high level of engagement with the voluntary sector in many areas. This is welcome news. As commissioning becomes more localised and fragmented, fostering meaningful partnerships with these bodies will become ever more important for voluntary organisations that deliver public services.
Perhaps pointing to the resilience and health of many local partnerships, it is also reassuring that the vast majority of voluntary sector respondents said their relationships with commissioners have either stayed the same or have improved, despite a majority reporting cuts over the past 12 months. And once again, voluntary sector infrastructure bodies continue to be the most common signatories to local Compacts, despite the challenging circumstances many find themselves in.
There are, however, some less positive trends emerging from this year’s findings. While support for the Compact remains strong, our survey suggests there are fewer Compact steering groups, with meetings happening less often. This decline in engagement is unlikely to help the implementation of important government policies - such as the Social Value Act - at the local level.
Lastly, our survey clearly shows that many voluntary organisations believe their independence to be under threat. This is an area that has come under pressure in recent months, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that our survey indicates an increased nervousness within the sector around this issue. Indeed, this finding is all the more striking given our survey was run before the recent announcement that the Government will be rolling out an ‘anti-lobbying’ clause to all grant agreements.
As always, we’d welcome your views on the findings and any other issues. You can get in touch by either emailing or tweeting us.
Compact Voice annual survey report 2015 (.PDF)401.67 KB


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