New project to give patients, public and VCS a voice on NHS England

NHS England has developed a new project called NHS Citizen, which aims to enable engagement and communication with the public, patients and voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations. 
NHS Citizen intends to help these groups and individuals to participate in NHS England as citizens - not just as consumers of its services. NHS Citizen hopes to become a participatory body, where citizens and organisations can have a direct voice into NHS England. 
Compact Voice welcomes NHS England taking engagement and participation to a new level for the public and the voluntary and community sector. 
NHS Citizen is being developed and delivered in partnership with VCS organisations the Tavistock Institute, Involve and Democratic Society - the latter two also worked with Compact Voice on the Open Government Partnership.
NHS Citizen works in line with many principles in the Compact, particularly principle 2.3, which commits the government to:  

"Work with the voluntary sector from the earliest possible stage to design policies, programmes and services. Ensure those likely to have a view are involved from the start and remove barriers that may prevent organisations contributing." 

The range of organisations involved in NHS Citizen, and the methods of engagement available aims to ensure that anyone that wants to have a say, can. 

Being involved in the NHS Citizen project allows interested parties to hold the NHS England Board to account, set the agenda for discussions, and find people interested in the same areas as you. 
NHS Citizen intends to create a conduit into the NHS England board for all citizens and make the board accountable to the public for the first time.   
For more information about how to get involved see the NHS Citizen website or the Democratic Society's website.
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