Have your say on Cabinet Office's draft action plan on open data and open government

cabinet offce logo The Cabinet Office are encouraging feedback on the draft action plan ‘From Open Data to Open Government’.

The National Action Plan will maintain the focus of the existing plan, which included:

  • Improving Public Services; and
  • More Effectively Managing Public Resources. In addition, this new plan will broaden to include:
  • Increasing Corporate Accountability; and
  • Implementing the highest standards of professional integrity throughout our administrations.

The closing date for consultation responses is 19 September.
Download the Draft National Action Plan below. Comments can be submitted through a variety of means: by emailing transparencystrategy@cabinet-office.gsi.gov.uk, visiting the Open Government Partnership’s civil society portal www.opengovernment.org.uk/draftactionplan, or via http://data.gov.uk.

Open Government Partnership: Joint Action Plan (.pdf)389.29 KB
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