Civil Exchange report into the Big Society: 'More needs to be done to engage voluntary sector'

The think tank Civil Exchange has recently published a report following their audit into the Big Society.

The findings make an interesting contribution to the debate about the government’s often divisive flagship policy.
The report establishes that more needs to be done to facilitate the contribution that the voluntary and community sector can make to delivering the principles underpinning the Big Society.

It also recognises the key role that the Compact has in helping deliver the vision of the Big Society, but raises concerns that although “Commitments are already in place through the Compact agreement to work in partnership with the voluntary sector but follow through appears to be lacking. If the Big Society is to succeed, Government needs to work more closely with local government and civil society.”
The report echoes the concerns highlighted by the National Audit Office’s inquiry into the Compact, that more needs to be done by government to ensure that it is being delivered and championed. Compact Voice shares this concern, and has been working with a number of government departments to strengthen their engagement with the sector through their departmental business plans.
Read the Civil Exchange report in full here (.pdf), or download a press release outlining the key points (.pdf).

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