NCVO release latest figures on UK voluntary sector

Almanac cover
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) launched the UK Civil Society Almanac 2012 yesterday.
The Almanac, which is released every two years, provides a definitive overview of the voluntary sector’s scope and characteristics, alongside analysis of long-term trends.

Key points from the 2012 Almanac include:

  • There are more than 160,000 voluntary organisations active in the UK
  • Of these, more than 50% had an income of less than £10,000
  • Voluntary organisations had a total income in 2009/10 of £36.7 billion. Of this, £13.9 billion  came from statutory sources.
There’s also an interesting section on how public sector spending cuts are affecting the voluntary sector, which makes reference to Compact Voice’s Freedom of Information requests to local authorities.
The section highlights that there is ‘significant variance in the way that different parts of government and local authorities implement cuts’ and that ‘Many local authorities are making long-term, strategic decisions in partnership with their local voluntary sector but some are not and this is causing real damage.’
The 2012 Almanac is free to NCVO members. The data can also be viewed online at
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