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It’s all in the timing: act quickly to avoid your cuts consultation complaint falling flat.

recent judgement by the High Court quashed a decision by London Councils to cut £10m of grants to voluntary organisations. The Judge found that the consultation process was flawed and told them to do it again, properly. One of the interesting points about this case for local and national Compacts, is the timing. 


At the risk of sounding like a South London gangster there isn’t enough respect around. I’m not talking about queue jumping here but the way some local councils treat voluntary organisations. At Compact Advocacy we speak to people on a daily basis who have to bear the brunt of councils’ budget cuts and poor decision making. We see it all; hasty decisions behind closed doors, reviews based on flawed data, demands for money to be paid back, retrospective Equality Impact Assessments and refusals to communicate.

Swedish Lessons

A few weeks ago, I went to Stockholm to attend the annual conference of the Swedish Compact, called Överenskommelsen. It’s been in existence for about two years and was written with the English Compact as a main inspiration.

Merlin lacks Compact's magic touch

When I talk to people about the Compact and how it works best I always emphasise the importance of embedding it in other structures, networks, guidance etc. It’s about partnerships and should by definition not stand on its own. It works best when it’s intricately linked to what already goes on and when it becomes a natural part of local partnership working.

Managing risk even in difficult times

A Parliamentary Committee has criticised the Department for Work and Pensions' (DWP) Pathways to Work programme for placing too much risk on small contractors.

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