Still waiting for funds from last financial year?

Over the last month, both Compact advocates have been out and about promoting the Compact and talking to a number of organisations and individuals. Ingela spoke at an event in Durham talking about the Compact and Equality Duties, while I was at the South West Forum’s annual Compact event.

It’s really useful and interesting for us to hear what’s going on in different areas around the country and how the Compact is being implemented, and we’re keen to do more of it. If you are running an event or want us to be involved at all then please do get in touch.

A number of organisations have contacted us to seek some help and advice on receiving the last payment that was due to them from the last financial year. It’s an issue that seems to be common across the country, not particular to one area or region.

Understandably, not having received money that is due to you and being unsure when (or in some cases if) you will receive it, is putting a big strain on organisations. The Compact is clear that payments should be made in advance of expenditure where there is a clear need and where this represents value for money, and we have been encouraging organisations to follow up with their local authority or council to press them on this.

Where organisations are less confident about going to their funder on this, or want some further help, we have contacted the public body directly to advocate for a prompt release of funds that are owed. Often it’s not that the council is being deliberately difficult, but that there is an administrative problem or backlog that has caused the delay.

By being proactive, engaging your funder and using the Compact, you can make sure that you get that money owed to you as quickly as possible. If your organisation is experiencing similar problems and you want some help or advice, then contact us on or 020 7520 3161.

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